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Woodcut block with Ink Drawing

Size: 1800 x 300 x 60 mm 

1/2 Edition.



During a residency in rural Manorhamilton, Ireland, Pete spent a few months getting to know the locals. He had discussions with farmers about the history of the area and, while on a tractor ride, was told of an Irish folklore tale surrounding the Hawthorn Trees. According to the fable, these Trees are home to pixies and, out of respect to their inhabitants, it is forbidden to remove them. It is also bad luck to bring any part of the Tree into one's home as it is a sign of betrayal against the farmer's supernatural neighbours. This tradition is still in practice today. In fact, roads have even been diverted to ensure no Hawthorn Trees are harmed.


This story became the basis of the piece. Pete made a carving based on the bush and its occupants, which was then transferred to print. This was displayed at an exhibition in Manorhamilton, so that the tree could be shown and celebrated inside, while still respecting the laws set out in the fable. The Trees are seen as omens of good luck and prosperity. 



If you wish to purchase this print, due to the size and weight of the peice, please do get in touch and we can organise the most cost effective form of delivery. Cheers!

Irish Hawthorn Tree

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