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MAR 2019

In March 2019 Pete completed a one month residency at Shift, a contemporary studio/gallery space in Cardiff. Here he shared an exhibiting and studio space with 15 different artists working in a range of mediums. This cross-field awareness has led me to produce a new series of works including drawings and a short film. This residency was the spring board and first exhibition for my Pembrokeshire coast series, to find out more about it click here.



JAN-MAR 2012

Over a duration of 3 months, Pete was the artist in residence at Aberystwyth Arts Centre and made works that were directly influenced by his runs through the land and seascape that surrounded him. 

Each run was mapped and logged in the form of a series of drawings and photographs that ultimately become realised as large woodcut blocks and prints, displayed in an exhibition at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff. The pace of running — methodical and rhythmic — is replicated in the working and cutting of the block. Each journeys speed, time and distance is logged, informing the title of each piece. This is show in the works opposite  the ‘Elan Reservoir 4.56m 6067s 45.15t.



In 2011 the Print Market Project set up a residency with the aim to create a cross Atlantic exchange scheme with Robert Blackburn Print centre in NYC and the PMP in Cardiff, this endeavour was partially funded by Arts council of Wales. 


Pete spent 8 weeks in NYC, working and learning American printing techniques and customs. This 2 month period was amalgamated in a Summer show exhibiting at: 'The International Print Centre, New York' and the '2011 RBPMW Annual Member Show'. Inspired by the works of Jasper Jones, Pete used found objects on the streets of New York to create his own homage to the American Flag. An exhibiting piece that was later reviewed by the Elizabeth Foundation of Arts Institute. If you wish to read the review, please click here. 

No 6 .New York City Collect
Ireland 2014 copy.jpg



Leitrim Sculpture Centre (LSC) was established in 1997 as a charity to support the practice and understanding of the Fine Arts in Ireland. Based in Manorhamilton, a rural town at the hub of five glacial valleys in the NW of Ireland.


Pete Williams produced a series of prints and carvings using a range of a non-toxic approach to printmaking. Bringing these skills over from Wales which he developed from his studio, the Print Market Project Cardiff, he was able to apply these processes and techniques to the new LSC print room. In co-ordinating and managing the space over a number of years the LSC print centre was formed. As part of the residency, Williams also formulated and set up as series of print workshops that were highly successful and which still run today. 


His own work developed through a number of walks and journeys in the landscape which he culminated in a series of large scale wood relief works and wooden sculptural constructions.

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